Jun 6, 2013


They say you exist,
Some say you don’t cause you’re just a myth
I’ll wait and prove to see,
Because destiny can be true according to me

My lip crave for your presence
The sense of what do them vengeance
But cares do I spot redemption
Seek from all things that brings occasion

Light it up for something better
Greatness don’t exist in just one matter,
Look into the dark where diamonds are hidden
Just a secret from a girl with all maiden

Watch your moves as you speak
Seek the one that says the freak
It might be crazy to think but all matters is the tea
Truth as tea, tea as true by all both is due

Spend the one that seeks your greatness
Ignore those things that plans to sickness
Enjoy the love through all retention,
May the entire course not be pretensions?

Someday it will come,
The coming of what sort to be undone.
The search can be at stake,
Yet, time will come for some fun

Destiny for some does come
Nor all the things we do are just one
Then the night of truth
When destiny comes in soon