Jun 6, 2013


They say you exist,
Some say you don’t cause you’re just a myth
I’ll wait and prove to see,
Because destiny can be true according to me

My lip crave for your presence
The sense of what do them vengeance
But cares do I spot redemption
Seek from all things that brings occasion

Light it up for something better
Greatness don’t exist in just one matter,
Look into the dark where diamonds are hidden
Just a secret from a girl with all maiden

Watch your moves as you speak
Seek the one that says the freak
It might be crazy to think but all matters is the tea
Truth as tea, tea as true by all both is due

Spend the one that seeks your greatness
Ignore those things that plans to sickness
Enjoy the love through all retention,
May the entire course not be pretensions?

Someday it will come,
The coming of what sort to be undone.
The search can be at stake,
Yet, time will come for some fun

Destiny for some does come
Nor all the things we do are just one
Then the night of truth
When destiny comes in soon

May 18, 2013

"King and Queens"

Trust in what you believe in,
Fight for what you have been in.
Choose the one you can be,
and you will see what stuff you can flee.

The joy would come after the days
It could be tomorrow as if your in a race.
Just like the sun your power can hit,
the life that goes when you not taking a sit.

There are nights of being worse
It can be madness but with smile it could burst.
Just try who knows what happen,
Just climb until you reach that mountain

We choose too much of what we want,
those choices we always pray to come
But then, there are things with stops and bounds
Like a water it can stay on pounds.

We can be whoever we wanted to be
The king and Queen we wish to see,
Just trust the person that with in you
and the image will always be in true.

A promise we say to one another,
Like the king he steps on a brother
The words of dawn is like no other
Before the night he'll do a better.

The queens will love their kings,
Just stay your route then we'll sing
Be yourself and satisfy
Because with you your life will fly.


May 17, 2013

Epic Fail

I trance the day with something cool,
beneath those eyes are all just fools.
I told to them I'll come 
but then the future comes to undone.

I tried and search for the night, 
Yet spent them all in just one fight
Then a chance came and for my sail
but then it was an epic fail

Failure may take from above
But then it would something be so loved 
My joy will come in just proper time
Then I'll wait that time would clime

For it some might change
but then that change is something I can manage
Through those ask I can assure
that for my future I will ensure.

Delight the cruise as travel in sea
All those beauty that people can see,
Though its hot but then its dark
Moon and stars will shine my day.

So, as those fail comes so close
But then perseverance never enclose
With all my fate that it would come
and then its true it really comes. 

I blink towards hard things in the process
I could stay put in just one losses,
But, I never stopped until it happen
Because someday everything will be coming

By group we set sail,
With them I fly like no tail
No tears yet sweat appears
Just to succeed we can re-appear

Man may refuse and say a big No,
Though, many are still willing to go with the flow
Those people are coming in heaven,
the purity that serves till eleven.

Then come on a challenge
Money, personality and salvage
But with them we can succeed,
Everything would come if we continue to proceed.

Some would ask and try to do a fell
Some would cause a black yet we fight for the well
Papers can be papers
Presentation can be that but with others everything is a rapper

But another day, something magical
Magicing moment that cause thing so clerical
But over all success was been clarified
And that's because we have been identified.

May 15, 2013

My Ideal Best friend

It can be floppy,
The fur that smells so pretty
The kiss so pure and sticky
Because, the tongue was so giggly!

The please of the eye keeps me smile
It sits the way I like,
Then come as I scream its name
My ideal Best friend come its way. 

It can eat as much as we can't
but with its slime I feel its a dime.
It could grow as big as I can
But whatever size it is my ideal mind

The color would be white or orange
like a fruit it stays cooling.
It'll guard my plant
It'll die for my pants.

But for now, it'll always be an ideal 
Tomorrow I shall work hard for non denial 
Just to have it, I'll come through no ends
Because it'll be the perfect trend.

May 14, 2013

Possibly I

Little Bugger as you say
Quite little nor you won't till may
Threw as you can ignite
The light of fire we can stay tight 

I craw like you as if we're two
We stand high going on drew
And yet as we start like none
Terrors of emptiness we are just done

I look at you as if your near
But all those love was just for tears
Possibly I were wrong of those
But yes I feel it just like my toes

I'll keep and stand from what I feel
Though your love can never be real.
For those I trust they knew of none
I tried to tell but I just can't 

What shall I do?
Shall I follow?
The love which is never
can ever be come?

The truth which kill my smile
Yet, a the truth can always be mild
The honors will stay and must be seen
Use it instead we bleed.
© PaoloJpm

May 13, 2013

                                         Government Truth

When the day comes for election
Your smiles begun like resurrection
Yesterday was like nothing but past
Then tomorrow still never be at last

You choose to be want you want
You clear the table just for grant
Yet, you break a rule of man
The rule in a task given and need to be done

You say things either forbidden
You collect them all still never be forgotten
The truth that man can see,
You used money for things to be concealed

Though all are seen by public
Yet, you refuse to save your fabric 
You think it all just for money
Fortune can always neither of what can torture
And your money, just eat it like what a pig.

We say NO, you say Yes
We stick, nor begun like yeast 
We turn, then pull the trigger
But then you stand for what a crooked bugger 

And now a day would always come
PEOPLE must learn how to see who needs to calm,
It is us, who will suffer if none:
Stand up for Government Truth be done.
© PaoloJpm