May 17, 2013


I blink towards hard things in the process
I could stay put in just one losses,
But, I never stopped until it happen
Because someday everything will be coming

By group we set sail,
With them I fly like no tail
No tears yet sweat appears
Just to succeed we can re-appear

Man may refuse and say a big No,
Though, many are still willing to go with the flow
Those people are coming in heaven,
the purity that serves till eleven.

Then come on a challenge
Money, personality and salvage
But with them we can succeed,
Everything would come if we continue to proceed.

Some would ask and try to do a fell
Some would cause a black yet we fight for the well
Papers can be papers
Presentation can be that but with others everything is a rapper

But another day, something magical
Magicing moment that cause thing so clerical
But over all success was been clarified
And that's because we have been identified.

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