May 17, 2013

Epic Fail

I trance the day with something cool,
beneath those eyes are all just fools.
I told to them I'll come 
but then the future comes to undone.

I tried and search for the night, 
Yet spent them all in just one fight
Then a chance came and for my sail
but then it was an epic fail

Failure may take from above
But then it would something be so loved 
My joy will come in just proper time
Then I'll wait that time would clime

For it some might change
but then that change is something I can manage
Through those ask I can assure
that for my future I will ensure.

Delight the cruise as travel in sea
All those beauty that people can see,
Though its hot but then its dark
Moon and stars will shine my day.

So, as those fail comes so close
But then perseverance never enclose
With all my fate that it would come
and then its true it really comes. 

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