May 13, 2013

                                         Government Truth

When the day comes for election
Your smiles begun like resurrection
Yesterday was like nothing but past
Then tomorrow still never be at last

You choose to be want you want
You clear the table just for grant
Yet, you break a rule of man
The rule in a task given and need to be done

You say things either forbidden
You collect them all still never be forgotten
The truth that man can see,
You used money for things to be concealed

Though all are seen by public
Yet, you refuse to save your fabric 
You think it all just for money
Fortune can always neither of what can torture
And your money, just eat it like what a pig.

We say NO, you say Yes
We stick, nor begun like yeast 
We turn, then pull the trigger
But then you stand for what a crooked bugger 

And now a day would always come
PEOPLE must learn how to see who needs to calm,
It is us, who will suffer if none:
Stand up for Government Truth be done.
© PaoloJpm

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