May 18, 2013

"King and Queens"

Trust in what you believe in,
Fight for what you have been in.
Choose the one you can be,
and you will see what stuff you can flee.

The joy would come after the days
It could be tomorrow as if your in a race.
Just like the sun your power can hit,
the life that goes when you not taking a sit.

There are nights of being worse
It can be madness but with smile it could burst.
Just try who knows what happen,
Just climb until you reach that mountain

We choose too much of what we want,
those choices we always pray to come
But then, there are things with stops and bounds
Like a water it can stay on pounds.

We can be whoever we wanted to be
The king and Queen we wish to see,
Just trust the person that with in you
and the image will always be in true.

A promise we say to one another,
Like the king he steps on a brother
The words of dawn is like no other
Before the night he'll do a better.

The queens will love their kings,
Just stay your route then we'll sing
Be yourself and satisfy
Because with you your life will fly.


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