May 14, 2013

Possibly I

Little Bugger as you say
Quite little nor you won't till may
Threw as you can ignite
The light of fire we can stay tight 

I craw like you as if we're two
We stand high going on drew
And yet as we start like none
Terrors of emptiness we are just done

I look at you as if your near
But all those love was just for tears
Possibly I were wrong of those
But yes I feel it just like my toes

I'll keep and stand from what I feel
Though your love can never be real.
For those I trust they knew of none
I tried to tell but I just can't 

What shall I do?
Shall I follow?
The love which is never
can ever be come?

The truth which kill my smile
Yet, a the truth can always be mild
The honors will stay and must be seen
Use it instead we bleed.
© PaoloJpm

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